Yorck Passage Cinema

Berlin 2021

One of Berlin’s oldest cinemas shines again. The aim of the renovation of the Yorck Passage Cinema was to unfold the historic aura of the hundred-year-old building in new ways yet simultaneously fulfill the functional and aesthetic requirements for a visit to a contemporary cinema.
The aesthetic of the 1908 erected building complex is defined by the shape of the large arched windows of the façade. This form was picked up in the design of the new bar for the foyer. The natural tones of the colour scheme follow the earthy reddish-brown colour of the original preserved linoleum flooring in the foyer. This colour palette is complemented with the addition of a pistachio-green coat for the arched foyer bar, balanced by a pale natural cork covering. In a resource-conservative approach, part of the original Corten steel cladding of the previous bar has been upcycled. The original brass light fittings and historic plaster mouldings were also restored and remain an important part of the new overall concept.
The interventions in the auditoriums remained true to the charm of the classic cinema experience. The walls of one screening room are clad in sumptuous folds of dark Prussian blue fabric which contrasts with the warm glow of the yellow-upholstered seating rows. The other screening room is an interpretation of the classic cinema interior with a range of reds.

TEAM Anke Müller, Patrick Batek
COMPLETION November 2021
AREA. 325 sqm
MATERIALS Linoleum, corten steel, HPL, plastic mirror, natural stone, fabric, velvet