VAAY Pop-up Store

Berlin 2020

The VAAY pop-up store in Berlin has a special concept: the main focus here is not upon selling products, but the brand and its values. The interior architecture is therefore primarily both facilitator and platform for the brand experience.
Just a handful of elements in the 50 square-metre store – such as a dividing wall and display cubes – create a space for information and events about CBD, which is a legal, active ingredient of the hemp plant and forms the basis of the VAAY product range. The materials used are ready-made, such as metal drywall C studs. Bold and simple graphics and corporate colours attract the eye. Most important of all, the design is “instaworthy”, which means it provides a good backdrop for social media posts. The firm’s actual products take a back seat and are presented on a single wall behind the counter. The VAAY pop-up store is an unusual shop that remains memorable thanks to its expressive and highly memorable design.

TEAM Anke Müller, Patrick Batek
COMPLETION February 2020
AREA 50 sqm