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Orthopedic Practice LP15

Orthopedic Practice LP15

Berlin 2017

The copper, velvet and natural stone we used in this project give this practice an air of professionalism, but also radiate warmth and welcome.
An elegant, black reception desk stands before shimmering perforated copper panels concealing storage behind. A translucent screen of copper tubes defines the waiting area, and beyond, passages ligned with wooden lamellas lead in two directions, to the orthopedic or physiotherapy halves of the office. Lighting installations on the dark anthracite grey walls warm the atmosphere. In contrast, the treatment rooms are completely white, with their fitted appliance storage made from the revolutionary nanomaterial Fenix. Lastly, the exercise hall is especially impressive, with its mirrored wall and delicately angled LED profile lighting.

Materials | Objects: Fenix, copper, elm wood

by BruzkusBatek
Team: Patrick Batek, Ester Bruzkus, Martina Durrant, Benjamin Fowler
Pictures: Marcus Wend
Light design: PSLab

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