Yorck Cinema Blauer Stern

Berlin 2020

The blue star shines again. The renovation of this historic Berlin repertoire cinema included extending the foyer and refurbishing both auditoriums. The building, dating from 1870, has been a cinema since 1933. Today it belongs to the Yorck Kinogruppe – like the Delphi Lux, another project realised by the same studio. But whereas the Delphi Lux was a newly-built space, the task with the Blauer Stern was to adapt an old building to contemporary needs. A partition wall was removed in the foyer allowing for a generous entrance with bench seating and a counter. Rounded archways now unify the irregular spatial structure of the main auditorium. The walls here are covered in printed fabric, the floral and cloud pattern, the blue and red hues of which come from a painting by Mechtild van Ahlers hanging in the foyer. The typical “cinema red” colour is a feature of both the auditorium and the foyer. The design of the suspended LED lighting is inspired by the historical lozenge-shaped plasterwork on the foyer ceiling, extending the lozenge pattern into the corridor towards the screening rooms.

CLIENT Yorck Kinogruppe
TEAM Anke Müller, Julia Jensen, Patrick Batek
COMPLETION August 2020
AREA 435 sqm