SCHÖN Exhibition


Regarding the current political and social situation, which we experience as harsh and intimidating, the question of the responsibility of our profession arises more than ever. We deal primarily with beautiful things – a field of activity that, at first glance, does not appear to be system-relevant or even politically engaged. However, we believe the design of beautiful experienced spaces is greatly relevant to our well-being, especially in these times. We understand the design of appealing spatial settings as a potential source of energy and tranquility. This principle is essential, and our installation aims to demonstrate this causality.

Our field is enclosed by an industrial building material and forms a round basin. The interior of the basin is lined with a soft mohair. This suggests the principle of an outer rough and an inner sheltered world. People should experience beauty even in politically complex times. To underline this concept, the lettering SCHÖN shines on the back wall. The lettering is deliberately mirror-inverted and thus responds to the demands of the omnipresent virtual worlds of experience. The space is thus an active invitation for a selfie and subsequent communication of the experience.

TEAM Batek Architekten
COMPLETION Oktober 2022
AREA 24 sqm
SCOPE of Work LP 1-9
MATERIALS Kvadrat Argo 2 by Raf Simons; Aluminum-laminated insulation boards