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Meininger Hotel

Meininger Hotel

Leipzig, 2017

Leipzig, Germany’s thriving centre for art and design, now boasts a new hotel with an interior like an art installation.
Inside, the art works in synergy with the guests as they enjoy the hotel, with aesthetics and utility working together. The back-office is mirror clad, enhancing the surrounding forms and colours and expanding the space. Brightly coloured cut-outs house a bar, vending machines and luggage lockers as well as drawing the eye. Breakfast is served in a room dominated by our novel “Game Frame”, a network of steel and wood, with flexible seating and entertainment. Board games printed on the tabletops provide old-school fun, and there are two TV’s for guest entertainment. The service core of the building with the elevators and staircases, is clad in spruce that gives a feel of the crates used to transport large works of art. Upstairs, the corridors have striking, bold colour schemes that are distinctive to their floor, making for a vibrant experience, as well as making it easy for guests to find their way around.

Materials | Objects: spruce plywood, metal, Alucobond, tiles, wallpaper

by BruzkusBatek
Team: Ester Bruzkus, Patrick Batek, Julia Mair, Martina Durrant, Grégoire Hubert, Dominika Taklova
Pictures: Jens Bösenberg
Graphic Design: Bailey&Bailey

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