HR16 Spa

Berlin 2022

The renovation of the HR16 Spa aimed to create a place to retreat from the buzzing Berlin city life. Hence we focused on designing a space where one can fully immersive into a state of relaxation. By using natural materials, such as hemlock wood, white Carrara marble, and natural glazed red tiles, we achieved a calm atmosphere that resonates with us on a deeper level. The hemlock-wood is a recurring element that can be found in the kitchen and sauna. In the latter, the thin, stringently laid wood planks create a sense of depth. Additional custom lighting fixtures by PSlab contribute to a cosy ambience.

TEAM Holger Duwe, Patrick Batek
COMPLETION Oktober 2021
AREA 34 qm
SCOPE of work LP 1-9
MATERIALS Hemlock-wood, MDF lacquered, Carrara marble, leather, glazed tiles