Hamburg 2021

HEYDORN is a new, minimalist store in Hamburg for the family-run cashmere label HEYDORN, which features a captivating use of colors and materials. HEYDORN stands for sustainable and high-quality cashmere products, which are handmade with great attention to detail using traditional methods.

The HEYDORN store in Hamburg is located on the first floor of a historic corner building in Hamburg‘s Neustadt district. The design concept is based on the corporate identity of the Hanseatic cashmere label. Hence, an unobtrusive and elegant store inspired by a Nordic attitude to life and a natural color scheme was created. Through its formal restraint, the store provides a reduced and functional background for the high-quality products.

The HEYDORN HAMBURG project is a striking example of how a timeless retail store is created through formal restraint and our subtle sense of the classic essence of the HEYDORN brand.

TEAM Rocco Spena, Patrick Batek
COMPLETION September 2021
AREA 56 sqm
SCOPE of Work LP 1-9
MATERIALS Douglas wood, MDF lacquered, Natural brass