Batek Architekten

Dental Practice T7

Dental Practice T7

Berlin, 2017

The brief was to create a dental practice with the look and feel of an art gallery in Berlin’s Zentrum West. This Batek Architekten design concept is clear and minimalist, with a predominantly white theme.

In the reception area, tall, yellow lacquered fitted storage panelling surrounds the central, brushed Alucobond desk. The bold yellow colours and metal finish of the desk make a compelling impression as patients enter the space. Behind an illuminated, yellow lacquered, ceiling height partition, is by contrast a cosier styled waiting room with textile upholstered wooden furniture.

Past a sideboard clad in deep violet fabric a pure white corridor leads to the treatment rooms, also in pure white, and with Fenix nanomaterial working areas and surfaces. The ceiling height glass doors with their black metal borders work in exciting synergy with the black framed artworks on the wall. Here, another floor to ceiling, yellow lacquered cupboard continues the theme and identity of the space, providing continuity and depth.

Team: Patrick Batek, Holger Duwe, Katharina Müller
Fotos: Marcus Wend

Dental Practice T7 HallwayDental Practice T7 Furniture DetailDental Practice T7 Treatment RoomDental Practice T7 Door and Furniture DetailDental Practice T7 Furniture DetailDental Practice T7 Door and Sideboard