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Bilir Salon Privé

Bilir Salon Privé

Stuttgart 2015

“An intimate Salon in the style of a boudoir – a workspace for me to use when I’m not on the road touring with fashion shows” briefed Stuttgart hairstylist Ahmet Bilir.
Visible from the street, gentle wall fluting reminiscent of classical architecture gives the reception area an inviting, homely atmosphere. In the salon area itself, each of the four hairdressing stations is equipped with a red marble topped console framed with brass. A recessed wooden shelf clad with polarised mirrors houses the colour lab, its reflective surfaces interplaying the warm and cool, organic and angular elements.

Materials | Objects: Brass, marble, polarized mirrors

by BruzkusBatek
Team: Patrick Batek, Anke Müller, Lisa Plücker
Pictures: Jens Bösenberg
Light design: PSLab

Salon Bilir NEU AussenSalon Bilir NEU innen 1Salon Bilir NEU innen 2 Stühle