Azimut Hotel Ufa

Ufa 2013

Ester Bruzkus and Patrick Batek were commissioned by AZIMUT to develop the new vision for their international chain of hotels. Remaining true to their high aspirations and to their restrained style, the architects have created a series of modern and charming 3-star-plus hotels with a warm yet simple atmosphere.
The AZIMUT Ufa lies at the entrance to the Ural, in the capital city of the Republic of Baschkortostan. The concept was installed storey for storey, and openened to greet guests in 2013 with golden reception block, dark floors and lighter oak panelling welcome the incoming guests. Lighted vintage-lettered signs in different colours and sizes combine to create eye-catching installations that show the way to the reception, restaurant or bar.
In the “Living Lobby” distinctive areas defined by carpeting, bookshelves and glass walls, form zones where guests, mostly business travellers, can work or relax. In contrast to the bright atmosphere on the ground floor, the corridors are kept dark. Ester Bruzkus and Patrick Batek designed the furniture and lighting in the public spaces themselves, and these complement the welcoming atmosphere of the hotel that has been achieved with decorative objects.

by BruzkusBatek
TEAM Ester Bruzkus, Patrick Batek, Julia Mair, Veronika Chikowa, Katja Schuster
COMPLETION August 2013