Batek Architekten



Berlin 2016

“It all has to be reversible” – 1300 square meters of the historic “Eierspeicher” building, near Berlin’s Oberbaumbrücke, reshaped with minimal interference to the underlying structure, featuring bold, durable and effective, but inexpensive materials.
A bright yellow staircase and wooden bookshelf form the centrepiece, with the nearby meeting room cleverly demarcated with wooden vaning. On the upper level, metal and oriented strand board desking and storage form spacious, airy working areas. The new, open kitchen boasts benches along a long counter, for face-to-face communication during breaks, or alternatively, a Japanese tea-house style area with soft furnishings provides a more intimate space.

Materials | Objects: OSB, brushed/powdercoated steel, Fenix

by BruzkusBatek
Team: Patrick Batek, Anke Müller
Pictures: Jens Bösenberg

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