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Dental Practice Berlin Smile

Dental Practice Berlin Smile

Berlin 2020

Berlin Smile is the name of the new dental practice in Europacity, near Berlin’s central station. A 550-square-metre space on the ground floor of a new building afforded the architects the freedom to design a completely new interior, which includes treatment rooms, a reception and waiting area, washrooms and storage. The floor plan is arranged along a long corridor and structured using glass walls and enclosed boxes.
The clear orderliness of the structure is enhanced by an equally clear and orderly colour and material palette. The main design elements are warm-toned aluminium composite panels, blue tiles and semi-transparent glass panes framed in black. The foyer contains a harmonising oak-clad reception box, whilst the ancillary rooms – dental hygiene and washrooms – have surprisingly radiant monochrome colour kicks in yellow, rosé or green.
The restrained, yet inviting interior architecture is completed by an illuminated signage system. The friendly grin of the logo, a quadratic yellow smiley, greets every patient with a happy grin.

TEAM Julia Jensen, Patrick Batek
AREA 550 sqm

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