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Brasserie Colette by Tim Raue

Brasserie Colette by Tim Raue

Munich, Berlin, Konstanz 2016

The flair of star chef Tim Raue, now in three cities.
Hand picked vintage and antique furniture such as brasserie chairs, marble tables and elegant wooden train benches blend with a modern overall design. The walls are clad in mirror or rich dark wood, and there are cupboards filled with antique memorabilia. Large antique windows form screens that deftly partition the restaurant, and at the heart is the centrepiece, an exquisite curved, brass topped bar, faced with vertical wooden vanes.

Materials | Objects: copper, brass, marble, black dyed floorboards

by BruzkusBatek
Team: Ester Bruzkus, Patrick Batek, Anke Müller, Lukas de Pellegrin
Pictures: Nils Hasenau

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