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Berlin Coffee

Berlin Coffee

Berlin 2015

An arched, wood vaned room within a room that leaves the walls of the surrounding building untouched.
This 60 square metre, compact coffee bar has a sense of spaciousness and lightness that belies its dimensions. The solidity of the terazzo counter and tabletops contrasts strikingly with the presentation boxes and central, red neon lit logo. The perfect place to stop for refreshment amongst the bustle of Berlin’s busy Friedrichstrasse.

Materials | Objects: Terrazzo, wood, Plexiglass

by BruzkusBatek
Team: Ester Bruzkus, Patrick Batek, Ulrike Wattenbach

Berlin Coffee Lamellen Gewölbe Sitzbank Terazzo Tische rosa Stühle rotes Neon LogoBerlin Coffee Sitzbank Tresen Terazzo Holzlamellen rosa Stühle Neon Logo